clearpixelBARKTEX® – Special Finishes

clearpixelBARKTEX® is refined BARK CLOTH®, which has undergone a
clearpixelmetamorphosis. It has gained additional function through different state-of-the-
clearpixelart industrial, semi-industrial, or even manual treatment and finishing processes
clearpixel with textile, wood, and leather agents, dyes, varnishes, and coatings. Unlike
clearpixelBARKTEX® with standard finishes BARKTEX® with special finishes are usually
clearpixelmade to order. However, small amounts are held in stock. Or we deliver BARKTEX®
clearpixelspecialities exclusively to fit your needs.
clearpixelBARKTEX®–Low Friction is a plastic-reinforced BARK CLOTH® with optimized
clearpixelabrasion characteristics. Strong anti-peeling behavior but with unchanged
clearpixeloptical natural BARK CLOTH® appearance. The toughest BARK CLOTH®
clearpixelever. Winner of Materialica Design Award 2005 for innovative material
clearpixelengineering. A trendy option for your next luxury car interior.
clearpixelDEKODUR®–BARK CLOTH®–HPL. The high pressure
clearpixellaminate of Trendsetter DEKODUR® Laminate Technology.
clearpixelMade in Germany from genuine Ugandan BARK CLOTH®.
clearpixelA beautiful proof that industrial standardization and
uniqueness can harmonize well. Its visual appearance is
transcending conventional laminates and thus was the
clearpixelWinner of a 2005 iF Material Design Award.
clearpixelBARKTEX®–No Buffalo is the world’s only imitation leather
clearpixelthat grows naturally. The authentic artefact. The vegan´s favourite imitation
clearpixelleather. The most sustainable organic alternative.
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