clearpixelBARK CLOTH® – The Natural Cloth.

clearpixelOnly when highly skilled masters are employed during bark harvest and its
clearpixelsubsequent processing can we offer “nature in perfection” for nearly unlimited
clearpixelapplications. A good command of debarking a tree and the ancient knowledge
clearpixelof bark treatment – like finding the best beating rhythm to beat a cloth from
clearpixelbark – is essential for the production of high quality BARK CLOTH®. Only under
clearpixelthese exacting conditions and the right mixture of time, rain, and sunshine does
clearpixelBARK CLOTH® reveal its unique structure, suppleness, and depth, which reflects our
clearpixelown heavy demands on quality. For its incomparable expression, in 2005
clearpixelBARK CLOTH® has been declared to be a masterpiece of intangible, cultural
clearpixelheritage by UNESCO.
clearpixelInspiring Facts
clearpixelBARK CLOTH®
is manufactured without any textile agents or other
clearpixelchemicals. It is a pure grown and manual-mechanically
clearpixeltreated bast fiber, 100% organic. We offer this beautiful
clearpixelmaterial in various sizes, thickness, and natural tones,
clearpixelwhich are as manifold as nature itself. An average cloth
measures approximately 2 x 3 meters. However,
according to your specific needs we can custom produce
clearpixelsheets of most any size. A special variety is BARK
–Patchwork - handmade but standardized to 1500 x
clearpixel2800 mm and with a very unique expression. Its design was honored with
clearpixelan iF Design Award in 2005
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