clearpixelFascination Nature.

clearpixelBARK CLOTH® is cultivated from Mutuba trees (Ficus natalensis) on our eco
clearpixel-certified farms in Uganda. It is 100% plant fiber, an authentic organic “living”
clearpixelcloth at the interface between textile and wood. Each BARK CLOTH® is made
clearpixelfrom the bark of one tree. This means that every BARK CLOTH® is unique with
clearpixelit’s own particular story. A simple beauty.
clearpixelNo cloth is like another. The large variety of subtle natural tones, as well as the dyed
clearpixelcloths in shouting fancy colors, make BARK CLOTH® unmistakable. Depending
clearpixelon lighting conditions, angle of viewing, and treatment the moldable material
clearpixelchanges from the supple, but robust charm of leather to the translucent
clearpixeland graceful lightness of fleece. Its strong contrast between archaic
clearpixelauthenticity and state-of-the-art textile finishing processes generates a
clearpixelconvincing effect for nearly unlimited applications.
clearpixelNo matter for which application you use the cloth, you are
clearpixelsure to possess a unique masterpiece, which has been
declared to be an intangible, cultural world heritage by
clearpixelUNESCO. Every individual who has ever held a piece of
clearpixelBARK CLOTH® in his hand understands the close
clearpixelsymbiosis between man and bark as a mature age-old
clearpixelrelationship. Use this to create your Unique Selling Position.
clearpixelBARK CLOTH®
clearpixelBARKTEX®–Standard Finishes
clearpixelBARKTEX®–Special Finishes